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This journal will take you on a 30-Day journey with daily self-reflections on how, with the help of God, you can unlock your inner roar. Raimele Reese is a husband, father, minister and provider. Raimele helps husbands, fathers and men become their “Best” even when they feel as if they are “Unqualified” to do so. 


Raimeles’ goal is to help learn how to be better within without the display of a title i.e. Husband, Father, Boyfriend, etc. He wants men to become empowered, strong, feel loved and affirmed, know the value of self, that he is valuable to others. He wants men to know that they are their child's hero and Raimele wants men to know they are their child’s (Quoting RJ his son) “Best Buddy”. 


Raimele believes that when a man feels affirmed and positive, he then understands he is valuable. He then chooses those “same” values in a spouse that will be his greatest asset. 

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